CHEMSHIELD 30DQ LP® was developed with cold pressed oils, free from any kind of solvents or oxidative heat.

CHEMSHIELD 30DQ LP® is enriched with several Amazonian fats and oils. Derived from sustainable systems of the Amazonian rainforest and is completely traceable. It is an elaborate composition of MURUMURU, PRACAXI, and CUPUAÇU.


CHEMSHIELD 30DQ LP® was developed with the aim of promoting intense protection during the chemical processes of discolorations, relaxations, smoothing or permanent processes. Incompatible chemical procedures are most responsible for the rubbery appearance of the hair fibers.  Thus, because of lack of orientation or even professional preparation, many chemical procedures are performed on the same day to change color or smooth out fine hair.  It is very important that the professional tests if the hair will resist the procedure.

Due to the composition of fatty acids and unsaponifiable matter CHEMSHIELD 30DQ LP® forms a protective film on the hair fiber, without damaging the lipid exchange; it acts well in dry and even oily hair. In hair creams, CHEMSHIELD 30DQ LP®aids in the formation and maintenance of curls protects against chemical damage and nourishes the hair while fortifying its roots.  These characteristics can replace the silicone in formulations for the formation of curls offering chemical protection.


CHEMSHIELD 30DQ LP® is indicated for chemical protection of the hair fiber against damages caused by discoloration, coloring, smoothing and permanent processes.

Capillary masks – Dosage 5 to 20%

Capillary Serums- Dosage -10-25%

Instant-action ampules – Dosage 5 -15

Serums against chemical aggression – Dosage 3-15%

Leave In – Dosage  3-10%

Shampoo – Dosage 0.5 -3.0%

Conditioners – Dosage 1 – 10%

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