Melasma: What It Is and How to Treat It Naturally

Melasma, popularly known as skin blemishes, bothers many people who are concerned about their aesthetic appearance. This condition most often affects women - studies have shown that 90% of people who have these dark spots are women. The place where they usually develop is precisely in the face region. However, they can also form on the lap, neck, and forearms. Their size, too, is something that varies, they can be small or large.

Melasma Treatment

When the spots begin to appear on the skin, the first step is to identify the causative agent. In many cases, hormones are the triggers and so it is necessary to be aware of the type of medicine that will be used so as not to aggravate the situation. After all, there are several drugs that are manufactured based on artificial hormones. In these cases, the best treatments for melasma are performed through Aromatherapy. There are studies that prove the effectiveness of Essential Oils, both in whitening and in strengthening and healing the skin. Aromatherapy is a natural treatment and, therefore, does not include hormones in its composition. It is based on the use and application of Essential Oils that have several psychological and physical benefits to those who use them. So you know how Essential Oils can help treat melasma, we've listed each of the types that are most effective in reducing and fighting the appearance of new dark spots on your skin! Read on and check it out below!

Copaiba oil for melasma

Copaiba Essential Oil is a great alternative for the treatment of melasma. Its effectiveness is so great that it has been scientifically proven as an Essential Oil for lightening dark spots on the skin, after all, it is rich in the active principle called beta-caryophyllene.

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