The Nativilis's Supplier is a company that is part of the chemical-oil industry from Amazonia, Brazil, that operates in the area of cold extraction of Amazonian oilseeds.
The oils produced from Amazonian oil seeds are used by the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and textile industries in perfumes, toiletries, beauty products, as dyeing and emollient additives in textiles, as well as ingredients in foods.
The Nativili's Supplier possesses an industrial park with 12 presses capable of processing 3 tons of raw material per hour using two independent production lines. Its infrastructure is completely adapted to processing Amazonian oil seeds. For example, it has drying silos that do not degrade seeds and fresh herbs, drying filters used to produce exudates and high pressure filters used to produce butters and oils.
The extractive processes are conducted under controlled temperatures and hygienic environments. In addition, special care is taken to obtain the raw materials by following standards of quality specified by them, which helps preserve the maximum amount of active compounds and produces safe products for the consumer.
The products that Nativilis sells are subjected to a battery of tests and analyses (in partnership with the Federal University of Pará, LAOS department of chemical engineering) in order to confirm the quality of each product before it is released to the market. All procedures and results are archived, as well as samples and counter samples of each shipment, to help create safe and traceable products for our customers.

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