Modify my order

Modify my order
You can modify your purchase as long as your package has not been shipped. If the order has already been shipped, you will not be able to modify it.

To modify the order you have to contact our Customer Service and provide the reference of the product you want to add or remove as well as the number of units.

You will find the product reference in the "Description" section of the article. For example: Ref: 287429837928

When we have received your request, we will make the modification.

We inform you that a modified order changes the order number and the estimated delivery date, do not worry, we will provide you with this new information.

What happens when I change my order and the resulting amount is less than the initial?

If your modification consists of eliminating an item we will refund the price of this through the same method of payment used during the original purchase.

What happens when I change my order and the resulting amount is higher than the initial?

If your request is to add products, then we will do the modification for you and we will send an email with an attachment to a payment link in order to pay the difference. Once the payment is made,your modification will be completed.

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