Nativilis Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil from Sustainable Natural Extraction


Respect for traditional knowledge;
Cultivating partnerships driven by fairness, transparency, respect and ethics.

There are several species of Copaiba oil-resin, even having some botanical differences, to all are attributed to the same medical-cosmetic utilizations. The copaiba balsam is adapted to a wide range of environments, occurs as well in terra firme as in flooded areas, can reach 25 to 40 meters in height and live up to 400 years. The extraction process of the resin of Copaiba balsam is still rudimentary.

A hole is drilled into the wood with an auger until to the center of the trunk, localized 60 or 70 cm from the ground. Immediately a tube is installed below the hole to collect the resin into a container placed on the floor. The resin is drained for a few days, and at the end of the harvest, the hole is sealed with clay to prevent the infestation of trees by fungi or termites.

The tree should rest at least three years before the next extraction. This process is called rational extraction. The average performance of each adult tree is 4 to 5 liters.

The seed germination is rapid, however, growth rates of the tree are slow reaching only 50 cm per year. The extraction of the resin should not be made before the tree reaches a diameter of 40 cm.

The Nativili's supplier is proud to explore the extractive economy of the Amazon rainforest acting within the control parameters of the Brazilian environment.

They are supervised by government agencies which provide all the information by specialized technicians on how to produce the best Copaiba oil in a sustainable way.

The technicians of the Brazilian government points out to which production of the Nativili's supplier can market each year, besides providing all the extensive documentation that is necessary for the extractivism of the Brazilian forest to be able to be delivered anywhere in the World without assaulting the Amazon rainforest in complies with all governmental requirements for the extraction.

Our supplier is a company that meets all the requirements of the Brazilian Government to act in the natural extractivism, always being governed by the duties and obligations that the Brazilian Government imposes for the extraCtivism.

The whole process since the plantation is done in particular area of the Nativilis's supplier, they have the area where they plant the trees that produces the oil.

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