Capilar moisturizer





NUTRIBALM 40CD ® was developed with cold pressed oils, free from any kind of solvents or oxidative heat.

NUTRIBALM 40CD ® is enriched with several Amazonian fats and oils from sustainable wild crafted systems of the Amazonian rain forest and fully traceable. It is a complex composition of ACAI BERRY, ANDIROBA, PRACAXI and BRAZIL NUT.


NUTRIBALM 40CD ®  is a complex formulation with emollient properties restructuring the hair fiber, strengthens the roots besides giving shine to dry hair and soft to damp hair avoiding the appearance of tips, improves the combability. In addition, it serves as a viscosity donor to emulsions that can replace cationic surfactants in capillary lotions, for example. Its great amount of behenic acid is responsible for its main conditioning activities: contributes to shiny and soft hair, revitalizes tired hair exposed to the sun, wind, rain and polluting agents.


Contains brazil nut known for its anti-free radicals and antioxidants properties (due to the high natural concentration of selenium); serves as a powerful moisturizers in the anti-aging formulations preventing cutaneous scalp aging. It is considered one of the best conditioners for damaged and dehydrated hair and with broken tips, naturally lightens the hair, renewing them with softness and new shine.

NUTRIBALM 40CD ® is rich in minerals such as Ca, P and Fe, in addition to 10 IU vitamin A, vitamin B1 350 to 1000 mg/g, vitamin B2 (118.00mg), niacin (7, 71mg), vitamin C (10, 30 mg), b -tocopherol, b-sitosterol (~ 0.75% of the unsaponifiable fraction), in small amounts are the campesterol, sitosterol, d-7-stigmasterol, a and b-amyrin among others. One of the fitoesteróides present in the açaí oil include Beta-Sitosferol, Stigmasterol and Campesterol, being very used by the cosmetic industry, as a preventive of skin aging, promote cellular metabolism and reduce inflammatory processes


Masks: Dosage 5-15%

Ampule: Dosage 10%

Ointments for hair and beard: Dosage 5-10%

Conditioners: Dosage 5%

Leave In: Dosage 3-10%



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